Twisted Beading Needles
Griffin Twisted Beading Needles Made in Germany The same high quality needles supplied with Griffin Bead Cord are also available separately! Needles measure approximately 4 inches long, each with a collapsible eye.

  • Fine Twisted, appx., 4" Long 25/Pack
  • Medium Twisted, appx., 4" Long 25/Pack
  • Heavy Twisted, appx., 4" Long 25/Pack

  • Twisted needles are especially helpful when thread has to be passed through beads more than once and a straight needle just won't fit. Their large eyes make them very easy to thread, then once passed through a bead hole, they collapse & help hold the thread more firmly.

  • #6 X-Fine Flex Steel Twisted Wire Needle w/Memory 50/pk
  • #8 Fine Flex Steel Blue Twisted Wire Needle 50/pk
  • #10 Medium Flex Steel RED Twisted Wire Needle 50/pk
  • #12 Medium/Heavy Flex Steel Black Twisted Wire Needle 50/pk

Made in USA