Superlon S-Lon Bead Stringing Thread

Superlon Thread
Available in two sizes:
  • AA = approx., 75 Yards per bobbin
  • D = approx., 78 Yards per bobbin

  • S-lon is a nylon monocord a parallel fiber thread that will fit through a #12 beading needle. It has the feel of Nymo, but comes close to the strength of Power Pro®. It can be used for all kinds of beadwork: Peyote stitch; loom warping; off-loom netting projects & other multi-pass bead stitches. This thread has almost no stretch.

    OK, so you may be wondering which colors are in the S-Lon, Superlon bead stringing thread mixes; well, first note that the same colors are available in size AA and size D S-lon mix the only difference will be the size. Here are the colors by mix:

    • S-Lon Mix 1 = Ash (AS), Black (BK), Burgundy (BU), Charcoal Grey (CG), Chocolate (CH), Dark Cream (DCR), Gold (GO), Light Brown (LBR), Light Copper (LCO), Sienna (SI), White (WH)
    • S-Lon Mix 2 = Capri Blue (CB), Chartreuse (CT), Dark Green (DG), Grey (GY), Light Blue (LBL), Olive (OL), Royal Blue (RB), Sky Blue (SB), Sea Foam Grean (SF), Turquoise Blue (TB), Teal (TL)
    • S-Lon Mix 3 = Beige (BG), Cream (CR), Golden Yellow (GYL), Lavender (LA), Light Orichid (LO), Orange (ORG), Orchid (ORCH), Pink (PI), Purple (PU), Red (RE/RD), Rose (RO), Tan (TA)

Size AA
Size D
Superlon Thread Mixes
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