The Bead Smith S-Lon Macrame Knotting Cords

The Bead Smith S-Lon Superlon series of cords consists of Heavy Twist Bead / Macrame Cord which is ideal for stringing , bead crochet, micro macrame jewelry. This size is and extra-heavy #18 twisted nylon multi-filament; if you like Conso ad Mastex cords you will love theBeadSmith beading macrame cord in a huge variety of colors and excellent quality and pricing.

Each spool contains approximately 77 yards of cord.

S-Lon Micro Cord is a super Micro-mini macrame cord a braided nylon monofilament thread simiar to Conso #69 bobbins (size B). This cord is perfect for bead crochet, micro macrame, bead embroidery, (on and off loom), bead weaving and more. Terrific for use in bead and fiber project using seed beads in sizes 15/0, 11/0, and 8/0;

Each spool contains approximately 287 yards of cord.

S-Lon Tex400 Heavy Macrame Cord is the heaviest weight Superlon macrame beading cord with a diameter of approx., 0.9mm (almost 1mm). This is a bonded 3-ply twisted multi-filament cord, similar in size to Griffin #10.

Each spool contains approximately 35 yards of cord.