Czech Glass Fire Polished Beads (Strands)

Czech Glass Fire Polished
6" Inch Strands of Czech Glass Fire Polished Faceted Round Beads; strand counts are as follows:

  • 4mm Strand = 38 beads
  • 6mm Strand = 25 beads
  • 8mm Strand = 19 beads

Are Fire Polished beads the same as Faceted beads? Yes. Faceting is really the technique applied to the beads. Examine, if possible beads with the differing description (s) and you will see that the pattern on the beads look the exact same; but note that even though the terms are interchangeable, fire polished is used most for the round shapes aka fire polished round beads, and some shapes like the ovals. However, the label faceted is typically used for beads that are not round but the faceted look / finish is still the same.

There are over 100 colors in each Fire Polished bead size which will be listed soon; so don't forget to check back!