The Bead Stylist: It's All About The Beads

The Beads Stylist, Why?
What's A Bead Stylist?

Yes, as The Bead Stylist the one thing that's been made clear in my world is that it is indeed All About The Beads!

From bead art jewelry design, bead weaving, bead stringing, with Japanese seed beads and bugle beads, Swarovski Crystal Elements, or Czech Glass beads, seed beads and bugle beads; Sterling Silver and Gold Filled beads and findings and exceptional quality Gold and Silver Plated beads and findings....and yes, the list goes on and on!

I don't claim to know everything as I too am still happily learning; and there are tons of amazing online resources, beading magazines, bead art jewelry blogs and videos, yet still there just seems to be a need for a one-stop-resources that has the knowledge and if necessary point you in the right direction.

There is clearly a need for a Bead Stylist! It's nice to know someone in the industry that has some years of not just experience, but also resources which saves time and energy when say you need to coordinate a wedding party jewelry design project, and need the same color Czech glass fire polished bead in various sizes from say 3mm - 16mm and you can only find a few suppliers that may have a couple of the sizes but not all - and even then if they don't come from the same dye lot the colors may be off just enough to ruin your jewelry design project.

  • Inquiries and question to
  • Request online video consultation via G+ Google HangOut - by appointment only.

So why not eliminate the frustration and use a source that will help you locate what you need so that you can focus on the challenge at hand. Please send an email to request The Bead Stylist's services well in advance.

So it's a pleasure to share some of the knowledge and experience I've gained over the years of in the beading world, but just as important is to continue to learn from my customers and other beader's and bead suppliers.